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  BAHGDAD BOOGIE by YanniS (745Kb)   clicks: 4948
4th place at Music Contest 6 (veteran) '98
Style: Groove Arabian, Contemporary Jazz
  BEATIFICATION 3 by Redribbon / Mandarine (524Kb)   clicks: 5061
1st place at VIP 4
Style: Atmospheric Rock, Light Electronic
  BERNARD THE UNCANNY WHALE by AceMan (656Kb)   clicks: 260
4th place at Decrunch 2017
Style: Atmospheric Trip-hop, Melodic Pop
  BLACKOUT IN MORDOR (EXE) by dalezy / madwizards (16Kb)   clicks: 3823
3rd place at Breakpoint 2006
Style: Trance
  BLUE MORPHO (EXE) by SunSpire (3Kb)   clicks: 459TRSAC 2016
Style: Atmospheric Ambient
  BOOMSHOT by AceMan (480Kb)   clicks: 483
1st place at Evoke 2016
Style: Groove Pop
  BZM HILLS COP II: THE FURY by Sauli / Jumalauta (29Kb)   clicks: 4368
2nd place at Simulaatio2
Style: Demoscene-style, Old School Pop
  Total works: 7

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