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RB2 Network
RB2 Network

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  LAMBDA by Jakim & Corny (293Kb)   clicks: 366
2nd place at Decrunch 2017
Style: Atmospheric Break beat, Disco
  LATE NIGHT SESSION by Ganja / Nerve Axis (788Kb)   clicks: 3958
9th place at Assembly 2000
Style: Latin, Acid Jazz
  LE CHEMIN MAUVE by Med / Jecoute (1115Kb)   clicks: 3601
2nd place at Equinoxe '2003
Style: Contemporary Jazz
  LOST by X-Ceed / Altair & Floppy (402Kb)   clicks: 315
2nd place at Riverwash 2017
Style: Atmospheric Demoscene-style, Acid Electronic
  LOVELIGHT by Zauron (657Kb)   clicks: 4444
1st place at Music Contest 6 (veteran) '98
Style: Hard Trip-hop, Electric Pop
  LUMI by Juzdie (762Kb)   clicks: 4369
1st place at Elevator 2000
  Total works: 6

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