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  MAD SCIENTIST by LMan / MultiStyle Labs (171Kb)   clicks: 313
2nd place at Evoke 2017
Style: Break beat
  MARIO IS DEAD by MCH & Jammer (4Kb)   clicks: 321
3rd place at Riverwash 2017
Style: Old School Demoscene-style
  MEGASTAR by bacter & saga musix (1944Kb)   clicks: 631
5th place at Revision 2016
Style: Synth Pop
  MIRIEL by Nightbeat (3115Kb)   clicks: 3163
12th place at Assembly 2005
Style: Synth Rock
  MIRROR PEOPLE by Rain / SandS (1545Kb)   clicks: 4011
1st place at CAFe '2003
Style: Atmospheric Rock
  MOOMINDALE by Distance / Tpolm & KRII / Rebound (273Kb)   clicks: 4225
6th place at Elevator 2000
  MORNING ON THE VOLGA by Xanth / Adelaida (660Kb)   clicks: 4080
5th place at Music Contest 6 (intermediate) '98
Style: Easy listening
  MOTION by Nightbeat (4077Kb)   clicks: 3825
5th place at Assembly 2002
Style: New age
  MR.COX IN MUMBAI by Jazzcat / Ghostown (306Kb)   clicks: 339
1st place at Decrunch 2017
Style: Trip-hop, Ethnic
  MURDEROUS FUNK MACHINE by Raphaelgoulart (217Kb)   clicks: 1009
1st place at Nordlicht 2014
Style: Groove Pop
  MY DEALER IS RICH by Wonder & Joss (1200Kb)   clicks: 3309Breakpoint 2005
Style: Groove Ballad, Rock
  MYSTIC by Bacter / Speckdrumm + Saga Musix / Nuance (1970Kb)   clicks: 881
6th place at Revision 2015
Style: Atmospheric Pop
  Total works: 12

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