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  SANGUMA by Preston (956Kb)   clicks: 1980
7th place at DiHalt 2010
Style: Psychedelic Trance
  SCHOTSMAN IN A SKIRT by !cube / Trauma (502Kb)   clicks: 4986
1st place at Assembly '98
  SECRET JOURNEY by prizrak (482Kb)   clicks: 4346
11th place at Music Contest 6 (intermediate) '98
Style: Demoscene-style
  SECRET SERVICE by Wayfinder / KFMF (935Kb)   clicks: 4105
7th place at Mekka & Symposium '99
Style: Synth Funk, Melodic House
  SEMI-DEEP by Ceekayed (1319Kb)   clicks: 1567
14th place at Breakpoint 2010
Style: Techno, Demoscene-style
  SEPARATED BY TES by tj technoiZ / cornercut (1125Kb)   clicks: 3559
1st place at DiHalt 2005
Style: Techno, Dance
  SHAPE SHIFTER 2 by Sierra / Smash Designs (763Kb)   clicks: 4309
2nd place at The Party '98
  SKONCZYL SIE PAPIER by Traymuss (1965Kb)   clicks: 254
4th place at Riverwash 2017
Style: Dream Pop, Meditation Trip-hop
  SKY GARDEN by Michu (894Kb)   clicks: 593
4th place at RetroKomp / Load Error 20015
Style: Atmospheric Electronic
  SNOWGLINT SCULPTER'S TRACK by Real / SandS (1182Kb)   clicks: 3831
10th place at Bytefall '99
Style: Synth Pop
  STRANGENESS ON A TRAIN by ftx / Kolor (31Kb)   clicks: 355
4th place at Revision 2017
Style: Atmospheric Electronic, Progressive Rock
  STRETCH by Chimera (1898Kb)   clicks: 3866
3rd place at Coven 2000
  SUBI LOSES THE COPS by Subi (370Kb)   clicks: 373
1st place at Revision 2017
Style: Hard Rock, Synth Big band
  SUPGUT by Amgorb (900Kb)   clicks: 4487
1st place at Paradox 2k (traditional music compo)
Style: Atmospheric Ballad
  SUSHI BOYZ by JazzCat / Ghostown (267Kb)   clicks: 847
2nd place at Revision 2015
Style: Old School Disco, Ethnic
  SWAY by sojagga (478Kb)   clicks: 4018
6th place at Assembly '98
Style: Atmospheric Funk, Light Rock
  SYSTEM 51 by Quasian (760Kb)   clicks: 4172
2nd place at Assembly '98
Style: Hard Rock, Groove Pop
  SYSTEM MALFUNCTION by Virgill (32Kb)   clicks: 1188
1st place at Nordlicht 2013
Style: Atmospheric Electronic, Orchestral
  Total works: 18

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