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December 25, 2005
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A new version of  "SK@LE TRACKER" tracker (ver. 0.81) was added to trackers.
What's new:
      - Bug - SKM & SKI incorrect loading of instruments with more than 1 sample per note
Bug - Crash loading RAW samples
Bug - DiskOp Startup directory incorrectly when changing the item to load
New - Last scroll position in DiskOp remind
New - Load FX plugins from config directory when not found
Bug - Change play scale was affecting to midi in
Bug - Config midi in device was not saved
New - SKM files with OggVorbis compression
New - AKP instruments loop in samples
New - AKP instruments fixed sample note
New - Shortcuts for all the main menu options
Bug - Panic button was on when solo channels on
New - Instrument colors
New - Pattern list: patterns repeated marked bold
Bug - Diskop filenames extension low/upcase (linux)
Bug - Track editor effect name when no instrument selected
New - XDelay pattern effect: High precision delay note on
New - DiskOp directory names darker than filenames
Bug - DiskOp file sizes were incorrect (linux)
Bug - CapsLock key problem (linux)
New - Configurable sound output latency using the .cfg file (linux) [short docs will come soon]

 Manwe , 22:12
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